New Group Class Options

We now offer 3 levels of group classes at Rollerama in Brighton.  Our beginner, advanced and performance classes are available almost all year. 0_BON_learners_permitAnd each paid beginner and advanced student gets a Learner’s Permit at signup to encourage extra practice and fun at our public skating sessions.

The Monday Beginner Class is from 5:30pm-6:15pm. This class will teach the basics of quad roller skating and inline skating including safety, starting, stopping, forward skating, squat and roll, maneuvering, balancing on one foot, forward scissors, simple turns, hops and more based on participant needs. Rental skates are included.

Our Sunday Advanced Class is from 11:00am-12:00noon. Advanced Beginner class participants will get an introduction to the RSA tests and Developmental program competition options in addition to completing the Star Book. This class is for advanced beginner skaters who can skate backward want to prepare for roller sports activities or advanced social skating. Skate ownership is required at this level.

The Sunday Performance Group skates from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Performance Workshop members will prepare advanced skaters age 12 and over for entertainment group skating at Local, Regional or National USA Roller Sports performance competitions and/or can also do rink shows, parades and other community activities. Quad figure or inline figure skate ownership is required. No fee for competitive Rollerama Skating Club members.

4 Classes for $50. 

Visit the rink office to register for classes. Call 313.330.3276 for more class and TeamSk8 figure skating club information.


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