Member Benefits

The benefits of becoming a full TeamSk8 member include:

  • USA Roller Sports competitive or non-competitive membership and a subscription to Roller Sports Magazine
  • Opportunity to represent your club in individual roller sports disciplines and/or as part of one of the TeamSk8 performance groups at local, regional and national competitions
  • RSA test preparation for figures, loops, dance and freestyle
  • Opportunity to participate in all workshops sponsored by TeamSk8
  • Performance opportunities at competitions, exhibitions, shows and critiques
  • Access to TeamSk8 newsletters and informational notices
  • Skating dress exchange between club members as well as ideas for outfits from other members
  • TeamSk8 warm-up jackets, pants and other skatewear at cost for members and family
  • Free Axel Club t-shirt – when the axel jump is fully rotated five times
  • Trial coaching opportunities and mentoring available for prospective instructors and coaches
  • Fun and social events to get to know other skaters, parents, judges and officials

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