Team Sk8 Logo Gear


Team Sk8 Apparel Options
New team group gearorders are only taken at the beginning of each season. But all of our custom embroidered jackets, pants, fleece, hats and golf/polo styled shirts can be purchased for skaters, coaches, parents and fans by using this GearOrder Information Form to place a direct order with Quick Stitch Embroidery. Individual items can be ordered, but shipping prices will be less on multiple item or multiple member purchases.

Team promo t-shirts are available via Coach Carlesa and buttons are available from team members.

Sk8Gear for Any Skater
We are excited to offer Sk8Gear for anyone in our CafeShop. You do not need to be a Team Sk8 member or supporter to order from the Sk8Gear CafeShop.

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