As a member of the USA Roller Sports non-profit organization, TeamSk8 relies upon fundraising activities to help defray the costs associated with maintaining the team. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Off site floor fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Training equipment and maintenance
  • Supplemental educational expenses for skaters and coaches
  • Special events
  • Team promotion and support materials
  • Team costumes

TeamSk8 arranges fundraising events throughout the year whenever enough skaters and their families indicate an interest in participating. Each year TeamSk8 tries to find fundraisers that will offer something for everyone.

Team Fundraisers

There are two types of fundraisers. The first is a team fundraiser. This will earn money for our general team fund. This money is essential to running our team. We are a non-profit group, but we still have operating expenses. Some items that are purchased with this team-raised money are our website fees, as well as items shown above. Our best general fund team fundraiser is the door ticket sales for the Spring Show.

Individual Sk8 Credits

The majority of our fundraisers earn Sk8 Credits that are used towards each fundraising individuals team fees, coaching fees and travel expenses. Some skaters have paid for skating fees and even new skates with fundraising. That is why we try to offer a variety of fundraising opportunities. Participation is optional, but the more you do, the less you have to pay out of pocket. And if you do not participate, you get no individual funds.

Typical fundraising activities include cookie dough sales, bottling, flower sales, holiday wreaths, ticket raffles, restaurant/retail percentage fundraisers, shows and exhibitions and many others. Other fundraising ideas are always welcomed.

The club will provide account information as you earn funds.

Fundraising Ethics

Funds raised by members using the name of TeamSk8, Michigan Roller Sports (MUSARS) or USA Roller Sports (USARS) in fundraising materials must be used for roller sports expenses and should be accounted for if needed. If we maintain good ethics, it will be easier to seek funds and continue to get in-kind donations to our group each season.

Of course, any proceeds from personal fundraising done outside of the sport are yours to do as you want.

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