Rules of Conduct

As of 9/1/2013
These team policies, rules and regulations are applicable for all TeamSk8 practice sessions at any location or event.

General Rules

  • Discourteous comments regarding any skaters, professionals or parents will not be tolerated.
  • There will be no profanity of any type.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the skating floor. For safety reasons, there will be no eating, gum chewing or any other activity that could cause a choking problem.
  • Water only will be allowed at rink side as long as skaters are courteous, use discretion, and drink at the barriers.
  • Each skater is personally responsible for signing in for scheduled lessons.

Freestyle, Creative & Dance Practice Rules

  • “Right of Way” will be first given to any skater doing a program or dance as part of a lesson.
  • Secondary “Right of Way” will be given to any skater doing a program or specific dance.
  • A skater who has already started to enter a jump should be given the right of way. This does not mean that if a skater is spinning or doing footwork that they have to defer to the jumper. This means if one person is skating and not in a specific move and sees another entering a jump, the skater who is already starting the jump should have the right of way for safety.
  • Please be aware of your teammates jumping and spinning patterns in the middle and around corners. Try to vary your practice areas when you are not skating a program.
  • We will try to control practices so that there are times that are more freestyle specific and others when dance patterns are favored. But, since time is limited, dancers and freestyle skaters must make an extra effort to share the floor.
  • No skater has special rights to any spot in the rink. Remember that all skaters have paid for the session.
  • Lesson music will be played in the order they are placed in line. Skaters in a lesson may have their coach “bump” the music lineup once, until all other skaters in lessons needing music have gone once. A coach may not bump twice until all skaters in line have gone at least one time.
  • Skaters not in a lesson may not bump a lesson skater’s music that is waiting in the line.
  • All walk-on skaters CDs are placed at the end of the rotation behind club members.
  • Skaters should generally keep moving on the floor. If they need a break, they should leave the skating surface.
  • “Heads Up” at all times, especially when entering or leaving the floor.
  • All skaters are expected to get up immediately after a fall unless stunned or injured.
  • Skaters or professionals should not sit on the barriers at any time. The safety issues associated with skate wheels dangling over the edge or accidental falls by younger skaters necessitates strict enforcement of this rule.
  • Skaters should refrain from talking or standing in groups on the floor, unless required for supervision or instruction.
  • Coaches may ask a skater to leave the floor if their behavior or ability places the skater or other skaters at risk, regardless of skating level.

Dress Rules

  • Hair should be pulled back away from the face to allow a clear view while skating.
  • Skate wear or dance wear is required for all practice skaters.
  • Competition wear for individual events must be approved by the coach in advance.

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