USA Roller Sports

USA Roller Sports roller figure skating demands that its skaters combine a careful balance of precision, strength, and artistry into a single, impressive performance. Our clubs provide basic training towards these goals for skaters of all ages – from beginner classes to senior level championship competition. TeamSk8 skaters can participate in one or more categories – Singles, Pairs, Figures, Solo Dance, Team Dance, Precision, or Show skating. Some TeamSk8 members also participate in USA Roller Sports roller derby and speed skating activities – or just have fun with their skills.


Figure skating demands tracing accuracy, body control, and extreme concentration. Each skater retraces a series of figure patterns–combining a variety of difficult take-offs, edges, and turns on a set of circles painted on the skating surface. Figure skating, considered the basis of all skating, teaches the balance, control and discipline needed for other activities.


Singles free skating requires creativity, technical agility and virtuosity. The objective is for skaters to blend the necessary ingredients of singles skating – jumps, spins, and footwork – with music to create a performance that embraces both athletic ability and artistry.


Pairs skating combines all of the difficulty of singles skating with the complexity of adding a partner. Harmony is the key to pairs skating, with partners mirroring each other as they move through their program. Skaters strive for the perfect conversion of music to movement by executing simultaneous spins, jumps, and footwork, punctuated by exciting and physically demanding overhead lifts.

Dance (Team and Solo)

In dance skating, each team or individual skates to prescribed patterns and rhythms. Solo Dance is the only individual event where men and women compete against each other. Creative or Free Dance teams or solo skaters perform their own original dance choreography to music of their choice.

Precision Team

Precision Roller Skating is a roller sport consisting of a group of skaters all working together as one flowing unit – at high speeds. This discipline of skating is named because of the emphasis on

maintaining precise formations and timing of the group. Maneuvers and formations are done to music with a focus on unity of movement, accuracy of formations and synchronization of the team.

Show Team

Show Teams consist of a group of performance skaters all working together  to present a story or a concept. This discipline of skating focuses on choreography, entertainment and excitement with a focus on unity of unique movements and artistry of the team.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is a contact sport that is played on quad roller skates.  Players skate counter clockwise around an oval track.  Derby games are called bouts and consist of two 30-minute periods.  Each period is divided into 2-minute long jams.  Teams can have five players on the track during each jam consisting of a pivot, jammer, and three blockers. This event is part of USA Roller Sports, but not included in TeamSk8 training.

Speed Skating

Indoor and outdoor speed skating requires skaters to be disciplined as they train and compete in an effort to attain peak performance. It builds health, strength, and discipline. Speed skaters do more than just go fast – they also learn to value good sportsmanship. This discipline is part of USA Roller Sports, but not included in TeamSk8 training.

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