2019-2020 Season Events

The events list includes all USA Roller Sports, Teamsk8 and community events of interest to our team at this time. Bold items are planned but not all skaters are required to attend all activities.  Go to the calendar to see scheduled private and semi-private lesson times, rink class times and club event dates. Visit the practice page to see our normal practice days and times.

Last updated August 5, 2019

September  28-29, 2019 – Choreography Clinic with guest coach Trey Knight at Riverside Arena in Livonia, MI – Cost of the Clinic is $100 for skaters

October  13, 2019 – Tour Meet at Rolladium in Waterford, MI – Officials (Steward, Referee, Judge) training for parents and Elite/A Skaters – B and C events skating only –Developmental – Fun Skate – Testing – Entry due date TBD

October  19-20, 2019 – Halloween Meet at the Nothing Fancy Skating Rink in Union, MO  – Entry due date TBD

November  2, 2019 – Michigan Roller Sports Banquet at Hellenic Cultural Center in Livonia, MI  – Ticket deadline October 25, 2019

November  2019 – 2019 Great Lakes International Skate Camp in Warsaw, IN – TBD

November  10, 2019 –Tour Meet at Riverside in Livonia, MI – Figures, Loops, and Dance events – Developmental – Fun Skate – Entry due date TBD

January 2020 – Artistic Skating International Seminar TBD

January 17-20, 2020 – Americas Cup of Clubs Figure at Skate Reflections in Orlando, FL – Entry Postmrked TBD

January 12, 2020 – Tour Meet at Skatin’ Station in Canton, MI – All events, fun skate & developmental – Entry Due Date TBD

February 9, 2020 –Tour Meet at Riverside in Livonia, MI – All events, fun skate & developmental – Entry Due Date TBD

March 14-16, 2020 – Stars on Wheels Spring Invitational at Wheels Skating Center in Odenton, MD – Entry Postmarked TBD

March 15, 2020 –Tour Meet at Skate World in Troy, MI – All Events planned except Show, Quartet, Precision – these events are time permitting – Entry Due Date TBD

April 4-5, 2020 – Rollerdome Spring Invitational at Rollerdome in Richmond, VA. World Skate scoring for A events. Seminars. – Entry Postmarked TBD

April 24-26, 2020 – Ohio Cup at Roll Area in Elyria, OH. All events including entry level – Entry Postmarked TBD

May 10, 2020 – Tour Meet at Skatin’ Station in Canton, MI – ALL DAY/ALL EVENTS – Entry Due Date TBD

June 2020 TeamSk8 Member Recognition and Fundraisers at Rollerama in Brighton, MI – TBD

June 20 – 23, 2020 (very tentative) – Great Lakes Regionals at Crystal Lake in Crystal Lake, IL – Entry Due Date TBD

July 9 – July 22, 2020 – USA Roller Sports National Figure Championship in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  – Entries Due with 2020 Regional Results.



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