About Us

TeamSk8 is one of many Southeastern Michigan USA Roller Sports (USARS) skating teams. But our team is unique, because our competitive and entertainment skating activities include members from several Roller Skating Association (RSA) rinks in the area. We welcome youth and adults of all ages regardless of ability and offer a great way to build aerobic/muscle endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, mental clarity/connectivity, work ethics and good social skills, too.

At this time, our team activities are available at several Southeastern Michigan rinks including the Rollerama II in Brighton, Bonaventure in Farmington Hills and options to teach at Rollers Skate Park in Sumpter. Each rink has its own RSA  and/or USARS sanctioned training activities, but TeamSk8 members at each facility work together to provide additional individual and group skating activities and entertainment opportunities that can benefit from a united effort between several clubs in different neighborhoods.

In addition to traditional roller sports skating disciplines and competitive activities, TeamSk8 works with the community to provide many special services both in and beyond our family of rinks including:

  • Inline and quad skating instruction for basic skills through elite events
  • Introductions to unique skating activities like roller soccer and freestyle slalom
  • Preschool and family-oriented skating activities on and off-site
  • Entertainment at parades
  • Talent for video/film projects
  • Public skating demonstrations at any indoor or outdoor location that allows roller skating

TeamSk8 promotes roller sports across many disciplines beyond quad and inline figure skating, including roller derby, speed skating, roller soccer, freestyle slalom, jam skating and other activities. Many TeamSk8 members participate in more than one roller sports discipline.

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