Private & Group Training

Competitive TeamSk8 members and skaters interested in taking RSA proficiency tests develop their skills with private lesson training combined with a mix of controlled practices and workshops. Most private lesson skaters become club members at their home rink to get access to the practice time needed to use lesson information, build skating skills and network with teammates. They may also use our team workshops to supplement their efforts in a specifically focused group environment.

Private Lessons
Private (1 skater) and semi-private (2-4 skaters of similar age and skill) inline figure or quad figure skating lessons are available for individuals and club members by appointment only.

  • $40.00 per hour
  • $20.00 per half hour
  • $10.00 per quarter hour (1 skater only)

Group Workshops
Group workshops for dance, figures, freestyle or creative skating will include skaters of similar ages and/or skills. These drop in inline or quad skating sessions are available for advanced class members or team/club members with permission only.

  • $10.00 club/team member drop-in per session

Precision/Show/Performance Team Training
Group training for precision and show skating includes skaters of similar ages and/or skills who are preparing skills and eventually choreography for entertainment or competitive events. These one hour skating sessions are available for committed advanced class members or team/club members by tryout only. Participants who are not prepared to skate through the entire season can only participate as an alternate.

  • No charge for private lesson competitive club/team members who also have individual events
  • $40.00 club/team members skating on team only per month
  • $10.00 advanced class member/alternate drop-in per session

Controlled Practice
Figure, dance, creative and freestyle supervised club practice is available for all test, competitive and show skating USA Roller Sports members. Additional floor fees will apply for visitors and non-members.

Membership Floor Use Fee
Monthly membership fee includes access to practice time during scheduled private lesson club time and floor access as a helper or for practice during any Star Program Learn 2 Sk8 Class. Admission to most public skating sessions is also included at Rollerama only.

  • $40.00 per skater at Rollerama 2
  • $40.00 per skater at Bonaventure
  • $5.00 per skater per day to access both

In addition to participation in our Spring Exhibitions, local parades and other events, club members have the option of participating in USA Roller Sports inline and quad figure skating activities including local City League Meets, Michigan Tour Competitions, Invitational Skating Events and Regional Qualifying Championships. Those who qualify will advance to National Competition.

Event Coaching Fees
Competitive activities will usually be subject to event entry fees and also have these additional coaching fees depending on the event level and location.

  • League Meets – $10.00
  • Local Competitions – $10.00 + $5.00 per additional event
  • Invitational Travel Competitions – $40.00 + $5.00 per additional event
  • Regional Travel Competitions – $50.00 + $10.00 per additional event
  • National Travel Competitions – $70.00 + $20.00 per additional event
  • International Competitions – $500.00 + $50.00 per additional event

There are no coaching fees for parades, shows and other local public exhibition activities.

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