S.T.E.M. is Here!

Bonaventure Family Skating Center is Putting Education into MotionOur Farmington Hills rink is now offering unique STEM field trips. This program is designed to take learning to the next level for students. STEM activities can supplement each teacher’s current curriculum with lessons that are fun, interactive and hands-on with a science class that is unforgettable!  Rink administrators have developed this STEM field trip for elementary and middle schools as well as workshops for home school student groups. These daytime STEM_weblessons can include studying and designing a roller skate, learning about acoustics and sound systems, exploring  lighting effects and systems and demonstrations of Newton’s Laws of Motion that make roller skating’s recreational and sports disciplines possible.

Call Bonaventure Family Skating Center for more information and to schedule STEM Field Trips for your classes at 248.476.2201 or contact Coach Carlesa at 313.330.3276.

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