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Our Family Sk8 MeetUp Group is for parents and guardians of new young skaters looking for additional times and kid friendly skating events. Every Saturday morning from 10am to 12noon (11am to 1pm in the Summer) enjoy a morning of Family Fun and learning at BonaVenture. This is NOT a skating class, but it isn’t a normal public session either… just a kid friendly music time set aside for parents or guardians to learn the safe ways to get started with session skating and games for the beginners and very young skaters in the family. If you aren’t with a kid, you can’t come in. The MeetUp group also posts kid friendly special events for families at Bonaventure and Rollerama.

We also have an Adult MIX MeetUp Group to get additional adult only social and fitness skating event news and skate dates. This is fun, not competitive… although some former competitors come in and have a blast.

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