Be Our Guest

Finally something fun to report during Covid. This six year old brother and sister twin pairs team were guests at our Club Night Zoom session this week. They are visiting Michigan from India and hope to move back to Michigan in the future. For now, TeamSk8 was glad to have them join us in our…

If you don’t hafta have art, be a Cupcake. The Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller Derby was formed in Brighton, Michigan in 2010, and expanded to Flint, Michigan in 2012. Our sister club for roller derby divas is the Atomic Cupcakes, and this junior derby team is always accepting new skaters from 7-17 years of age….

DJ Casper Luvs Team Sk8!

When DJ Casper (Casper Slide and Cupid Shuffle) came to town, he made a special stop at the Rollhaven Skating Center to hang out with some of the TeamSk8 kids and introduce his newest dance tune.