2019 Regional Team Results

Caden, Caitlyn, Leslie, Faith, Pelageya, Paulina and Ani had a “great” Great Lakes Regional Championship. All who skated qualifying events will participate in the 2019 USA Roller Sports National Championship in Spokane, Washington. We would like to extend special thanks to our host operators at the Rollerama/Bonaventure Skating Centers and to all of our cheerleaders and supporters including John Peck and Alyson Pfeiffer who have helped TeamSk8 through the 2019 season. Here are our Great Lakes Regional Championship medal and qualifier results:

Caden Fischer:
Gold Juvenile A Boys Figures
Gold Juvenile A Boys Loops
Gold Juvenile A Boys Fig/Loops Combined
Gold Juv/Elem A Boys Singles Short
Gold Juvenile A Boys Singles Long
Gold Juvenile A Boys Singles Combined
Gold Juvenile Pairs

Caitlyn Fischer:
Silver Primary Girls Figures
Gold Primary Girls Loops
Gold Primary Girls Fig/Loops Combined
Silver Primary Girls Singles
Gold Juvenile Pairs
Leslie Hunter:
Silver Open Quartet
National Qualifier Fresh/Soph B Solo Dance
National Qualifier Fresh/Soph B Ladies Loops
Ani Lahser:
Silver Elementary C Girls Figures
Silver Elementary C Girls Loops
Gold Elementary C Girls Fig/Loops Combined
Faith Robinson:
Silver Open Quartet
Gold Fresh/Soph B Solo Dance
Paulina Williams:
Silver Open Quartet
Pelageya Williams:
Silver Open Quartet

We’ll see ya in Spokane.

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