The National Coney Island Hot Dogs are Back!


Everyone loves a good hot dog. They are usually on a plate, but Team Sk8 helps them roll down Woodward Avenue and other main streets in Southeastern Michigan. TeamSk8rs of all ages who skated were from Rollerama, Rollhaven and were joined by Jamie Noll and her skaters who were started in school and church skating programs via One Skate Ahead and moved into USARS activities. The hot dogs have done rain and snow, but this season the route was a major construction zone for the new Woodward Avenue transit system. A tough ride for an SUV but just crazy on skates. The National Coney Island Hot Dogs now have a small cult following with folks in the crowd holding signs and chanting about condiments. We were requested for more parades by the marketing company. Hot Dawg!

If you missed us on TV, visit Facebook and see us hot dogging along.

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