Italy and USA Can Meet in Michigan

Ruben Omar Genchi is one of my favorite international coaches, and I have just found out that he is willing to come to Michigan from Italy to work with my skaters and any other United States or North American teams and individuals who would like to try some new and old techniques for building skaters and the roller figure skating sports. Ruben would do a few days of on and off-skate seminars in Brighton, Michigan (he skated with Paul Price and Tina Knisely there) or another Southeastern, Michigan rink – maybe Danny Brown’s big Rollhaven rink in the Grand Blanc/Flint area and perhaps a rec center as an alternate site where we wouldn’t be at the mercy of sessions.

Activities would cover all levels of skating from jump starting little skaters to build our numbers quickly, to elite and senior event techniques. If you are interested in a few days of seminars as a skater or to possibly earn USARS coaching/judging credits for attendance, please use our contact form (ignore the club skating stuff) or feel free to email directly with ideas and input:
Carlesa Williams

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  1. sunil ghalyan says:

    Please send me form to take coaching

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