It’s Showtime…

It’s showtime for the members of TeamSk8. Our first show of the season was held at the Skatin’ Station 2 rink in Canton, Michigan on May 20th. The competitive and non-competitive skaters in the event included athletes from Skatin’ Station, Rollerama and Rollhaven’s skating clubs. There was even a guest skater, Michelle Colonna, from the Skate World of Troy skating club.

Entertainment included all of the competitive dance, freestyle, pairs and creative event programs. But there was a little more… Beauty and the Beast (very small ones) made an appearance to show how to dance at a ball on skates. Not one, but several small skating genies emerged from a lamp found by an enterprising shopkeeper. And the Party Rock Anthem was brought to life by Michelle Colonna.

Now, we are getting ready for our June 3rd Show Part II at the Rollhaven in Flint. Come join us!

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